Three Degrees of Indeterminacy

Looking Back and Going Forward

Each year, right around May finals I realize that I have just completed another year of college. I never feel like I know enough to be a [freshman/sophomore/junior/senior] because I feel like I just know the basics. But then I... Continue Reading →


To Keep the Schedule

In February, I went on a tour of the CoorsTek construction site with ASCE. It was interesting to see how the project was going and be able to talk with the superintendent and a couple of the engineers who worked... Continue Reading →

Flipped Classroom

This semester, CEEN 360 was my first flipped classroom, class. I was very skeptical going into the semester, so I will share some of my thoughts from the semester about this method of teaching. Over the past few years I... Continue Reading →

Kansas City Skywalk Disaster

Over the course of the semester we learned about a couple of building disasters. One of these is the Hyatt - Regency Kansas City skywalk disaster. The collapse occurred in the evening on July 17th 1981. A detailed account of... Continue Reading →

Engineering Ethics

Ethics in engineering is a very important, but often overlooked field. The reason is that we are in the business of making money by building things that make other people money. The issue arrises because the main people who use... Continue Reading →

The Critical Path Through Finals

Through this course I learned a great deal about scheduling and finding the critical path through a project. It is fairly intuitive to focus on the critical path that must be completed for a project or assignment to be on... Continue Reading →

Construction Photos

Over the course of the semester I have been taking photos of construction that I have come across. Here are some highlights of the ones I find interesting. Most of the images are from the CoorsTEK building and a low-rise... Continue Reading →

CEEN 360: Class Closing

Over the last semester I have learned many things about the construction industry and process. Here are some closing comments about the course as a whole. During the first week of class we set out what we wanted to get... Continue Reading →

Food Build Lessons Learned

After reviewing the Bid Packages from the construction teams I have several changes I would make in future situations. First, I will always make sure contract language is very clear to minimize any opportunities for miscommunication. We did not run into... Continue Reading →

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