Three Degrees of Indeterminacy

Food Build Update 25 April 2017

***For External Release*** 26 April 2017 Construction Bid Packages have arrived and been reviewed by Design Team E. The Owner is making a final decision. The Notice of Award is expected to be released Tomorrow, 26 April 2017. The Notice... Continue Reading →


OSHA – Too Important to ‘Forget’

Prior to watching any videos or reading about OSHA I wrote up a list of the safety concerns I thought essential to be aware of on a construction site. In no particular order I wrote: Being hit by heavy equipment... Continue Reading →

Extreme Jenga

Over E-Days the Mines Student Chapter of ASCE hosts a booth where people can play Jenga with a giant set we have, made out of 2x4s. While this process is not typically difficult or engineering related, I noticed that on... Continue Reading →

LEED Skills

On Friday, I took and passed the LEED Green Associate exam. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification program for buildings. People can also become accredited, meaning they are knowledgeable about Environmentally friendly design and the LEED... Continue Reading →

Food Build Update

***For External Release*** 5 April 2017 Design Team E has finished design of the food build project concept, and is preparing bid documents for release at the end of the week. The project is on track for completion by May... Continue Reading →

RS Means

Last week we used print editions of the RS Means for an introductory homework exercise. I enjoyed the activity because it involved using the tables to find the prices for various parts of construction. I also found that once I... Continue Reading →

Estimating: An Every Day Skill

This week we were exposed to estimating for the first time. I found this very interesting, because with estimating, you have to take a very complex system, break it down into component parts, and create a line item with a... Continue Reading →

Specifications: Organization or Chaos

This week we were introduced to the process of reading and writing specifications for construction. My first reaction when I first opened a Master Spec document that was filled out was "who actually reads this thing." This dense, long, detailed,... Continue Reading →

A Good Solution Now or a Perfect Solution Later

Your team is ready, you know the owner requirements (12 inches tall, must support 2 bricks, and total cost cannot exceed $300,000). Ready. Set. Go! This was the scenario in class this week. Our building material were K'NEX, and we... Continue Reading →

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