Through this course I learned a great deal about scheduling and finding the critical path through a project. It is fairly intuitive to focus on the critical path that must be completed for a project or assignment to be on time; however, I have become much more aware of it. For example, now that we are at the end of the semester I must plan out my studying for finals. I have to prioritize what studying I focus on for a given day. Time plays a large factor, because all of my studying for Construction must be completed before Tuesday morning, but I have until Thursday afternoon to finish all my Dynamics studying. The importance of the final also plays a part. Classes where the final is worth more, or that I struggled in throughout the semester will require more studying than classes that I have a high standing in.

Even though I will not put all of these details into MS Project, I end up creating a mental list that I write down in my planner. Again, this seems rather intuitive to me, but it is really interesting to compare the planning of my relatively simple tasks the tasks in a much larger construction project.