***For External Release***

5 April 2017

Design Team E has finished design of the food build project concept, and is preparing bid documents for release at the end of the week. The project is on track for completion by May 3rd, provided the contractor’s obligations are completed on schedule.

Design Team E has designed an edible centerpiece that will consist of layers of brownie and cake, a jello river, and bridge.

Each layer of cake represents a different layer of soil and the brownie layer represents bedrock underneath. A blue gelatin desert (Jell-O cannot be used because it contains pig gelatin), will represent a river that the bridge is crossing. The bridge component contains details related to course material learned so far. Of special interest is the foundation. A cylindrical hole will be cut at the foundation points, which will be filled with melted chocolate. The chocolate will harden, and will represent a concrete foundation.

Bridge decking will be made from gingerbread. The bridge will be a suspension bridge, so a layer of wire will form the structural element of the arch over the bridge deck. Marshmallows will be skewered by the wire to hide the wire from view. Twizler strands will represent the cables. The twizlers are not a structural element, only a representation. The bridge deck will be self-supporting.

The only non edible portions of the project are the arch wires, the cookie sheet underneath, and a sign describing the project.

The bid package will be delivered to the owner by 23:59 April 9th 2017. The documents will be released to construction teams shortly thereafter.

More information is available by request.