Over the weekend I had an amazing opportunity to go to ASCE’s Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL) in Minneapolis. As an officer in the Mines Chapter of ASCE I went to the conference to learn ways that we can make our chapter better, and share things we are doing well with other chapters.

Initially, I figured that the conference would involve a lot of seminars and being talked at for hours on end. I soon learned that while there were seminars from members of the council on Student Members and engineering professionals, the most valuable part of the event was the collaboration between the student chapters. There were multiple breakout sessions where we could discuss problems our chapters were facing, or share ideas. By hearing what other chapters do, I learned a lot about what we can do at Mines to make our program even better.

I have heard about the importance of collaboration with other organizations, within science, and industry, but this was my first experience actively participating in the collaboration, with people from so many different places. I hope I have the opportunity to participate in similar conferences in the future, perhaps even with some of the same people that I met in Minneapolis.