On a Frigid Thursday, a group of six of us left the warmth of the hotel in search of a construction project. We were not sure what we would find, but we heard from the concierge that there was construction happening at the “Nicollet Mall” which was supposedly around the corner. When we arrived at the site, we were slightly surprised to learn that Nicollet Mall was a long pedestrian plaza more akin to the 16th street mall of Denver than to Colorado Mills of Lakewood.

Upon closer inspection we could see that the project manager was using a laddering approach to scheduling the site. In one area grading was occurring, in other areas concrete had been poured and was curing. Additionally, pipe was laid out, ready to be put in place. Foundation posts for lamp posts were also installed in some parts but not others. img_1457

I find it interesting that there was so much equipment and signs of work being done so late in the year. It seems like it would be difficult to complete very much work outside when the temperature is approximately 10-15ºF.