In class on Monday we finished working with Revit to construct a very simple structure. While the structure we built was quite simple, Revit has a definite learning curve. Even though I have experience with AutoCAD, I found I still had to follow the instructions very carefully to insure I completed the correct commands.

I was most surprised by how much pre-created information can be loaded into the drawing work space. It is incredibly useful to have access to such a library of parts that are ready to be used.


One disappointment I have with Revit is the lack of a visible command bar. In AutoCAD I find it very useful to simply type out commands, instead of searching through nested menus. I probably do not have the program set up properly for this, but I wish it was a little more intuitive to initially set up.

Creating the structure in Revit was a bit curious, because it seemed like the order of some of the steps could be more streamlined. For example, in real life one must build the column foundation before installing the column, but in Revit, I had to install the supporting column before adding the foundation.